Watch Out For Passional Rockers JOSH MOVER & THE SHAKERS – They’re Here To Steal And Sell Your Heart…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

6 February 2018

Base: Toronto, Canada
Who: “The musical project of songwriter Josh Mover. Combining elements of dark indie pop with a dash of folk and a pinch of punk, their forthcoming EP debut “Into A Ghost” offers up a promising five song appetizer for hungry ears.”
Score: With this band name you better make my hips shake from left to right and back,
on repeat. Well, after only one listen it’s crystal clear that these Canadian rockers were actually born to activate your pelvis. This post-break-up eruption rolls all over Beethoven with a psychotic twist. Yes, the thief in ‘When I Steal Your Heart’ is a crazed maniac who steals hearts in order to make a profit from it on the black market. Before that disturbed human being comes after me I’ll give him the honor to explain what this song is all about. Listen up, scary people, here’s Dr. Josh and Mr. Mover

“I was trying to come to terms with a relationship that ended and I was also listening to quite a bit of Tom Lehrer. I liked how he subverted the expectations of the genre he played in singing really dark, often tongue-in cheek lyrics over these poppy, piano arrangements. So when I heard his tune “I Hold Your Hand In Mine” the idea came to me to write an anti-love song from the perspective of a psychopath who’s going to take their lost love’s heart, and sell it on the black market.”

About time to hit the boulevard of broken dreams and make some hard cash…

JOSH MOVER & THE SHAKERS: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

On 16 February the band will release 5-track EP ‘Into A Ghost

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