Louder Is Better! Not When You’re Messing It Up Like VIRGINIA WING And HOOKWORMS Yesterday…

VIRGINIA WING / HOOKWORMS – Nest, Ghent (Belgium) – 6 February 2018

Is louder always better?
I must have been at about 4000 concerts by now (I’m much older than Justin Bieber but much younger than Keith Richards), so you can call me an experienced noise addict. I like
it very loud at gigs, in a way when the music’s volume lifts you to a mind-expanding place. But the VOLUME of the NOISE need to be balanced in a way that it doesn’t blow up your ears. MY BLOODY VALENTINE must have been the loudest band ever on a podium, but WITHOUT getting terribly annoying and dangerously damaging. Louder is only better when the noise elevates you, not when it crushes your Eustachian tube.

Virginia Wing / Hookworms
A good (Virgina Wing) and a great band (Hookworms), on record that is, because yesterday on stage they both broke the sound rules badly. No balance, no equilibrium at all. Just noise, only disturbing noise. A textbook example of macho behavior. You know, that arrogant attitude of ‘hey mom, listen how loud we can play‘. No, guys, it’s not about the quantity of the decibels, it’s about the quality of the decibels and you both failed sadly yesterday. End of story. Before I’m gonna listen to Hookworms’ excellent new album ‘Microshift‘ again ( like I just said a minute ago, they’re a great band on record) – only
with my right ear as my left one is still out of order – I have this small message for that snotty bassist of Virginia Wing who abused, two songs in the set, the sound mixer as if
that man was a piece of shit: ‘Fuck you too, prick!


Sorry, Virginia, too much out of tune

Hookworms going arty ‘Pink Floyd’ farty on stage...

(pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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