The Jukebox Series: only the greats can fill a Wurlitzer…

One of the media’s former favorite targets and so-called psycho (read: bipolar, hurt, abandoned by her closed ones as a teenager, confused, outspoken, confused, straight
in your face, yes like so many of us, totally HUMAN) COURTNEY LOVE can fill a shiny Wurtlizer, easily. If you can’t believe this I guess you were paying too much attention
to all the sensational bullshit stories on her private life invented by the pathetic gutter press (she had a fucked up teenage life, no doubt about that, just read the right biography to find out why, not the fucking paparazzi rubbish). And yes, she wasn’t a great musician, but bloody hell, she wrote a series of smashing killer crackers nobody can ignore!! From the brutal Teenage Whore to the heartbreaking, confessional ballad that Letter To God is. And she was one of the hottest rock and roll performers I saw on a podium. A genuine primal scream grunge legend in my own borderline book. Oil your vocal chords, you’ll definitely need them to clamor along with L.O.V.E

Tracks selected from the four HOLE albums: Pretty On The Inside (1991) /
Live Through This (1994) / Celebrity Skin (1998) / Nobody’s Daughter (2010)
and her only full solo record America’s Sweetheart (2004)

Back in 2010 I saw LOVE twice – in the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam and in, the
later deeply deceived, Bataclan Venue in Paris. Here’s Courtney covering The Rolling Stones in Amsterdam (me, fourth row). She looked cool, healthy and happy. And she was just brilliant that night. An icon forever!…

COURTNEY LOVE: Facebook – Twitter

The real – turbulent – story

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