VIVA VIDEO – Discover Singer/Songwriter CÉCI And Her Eye-Catching Clip For Final Track Of Her 4/4 EP…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


15 February 2018

Artist: CÉCI
Who: A 25-year young London-based sound designer, producer and singer/songwriter from Denmark who creates soundscapes out of glitches, layered vocals and hard-hitting and insisting drums…
Track/clip: IF – the final track from her ‘4/4’ EP – a song about forgiveness, the soundtrack
for a transformation, moving from one state of mind to another, from trapped to freedom
explains the artist…
Score: ‘IF’ feels like a mind-raising and trance-like experience. A spiritual trip, both enthralling and fascinating. An adventuresome exploration making me think of the transcendental quests of trip hop pioneer Tricky. Spellbinding tremblings and a truly mesmeric clip. Capture the spirit here…

Here’s the bewitching 4/4 EP in full…

CÉCI: Facebook – Instagram

Spiritual tripping

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