Mediterranean Tribe ‘JUJU’ Mesmerized Belgium With Trancey Broad-Spectrum Psychedelia…

JUJU – Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium – 18 February 2018

Despite the fact that on an average Sunday evening the majority of humankind prefers to fall asleep in front of the TV this cool, small club in Ghent (Belgium), called Kinky Star (one
of Turn Up The Volume‘s fav hang-out places) was packed with hungry psych fans eager to watch/hear Italian collective JUJU, a mind-expanding squadra build around experienced Sicilian sound explorer and singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Gioele Valenti (Lay Llamas, Herself). Last year they released sophomore LP debut album ‘Our Mother Was A Plant‘ via Fuzz Club Records. A truly impressive, trippy work of transcendent vibrations. From cinematic Pink Floyd echoes to Hawkind‘s spacey rock escapades and some stellar spellbinding tribal jams to pump up the beat. Something like this…

If you’re hooked on exciting, elevating stuff like here above you just ignore TV and jump out in the cold night to get a mind-massage by this tremendous artist and his fabulous orchestra because what you get is trance injected jams that infiltrate your bloodstream instantly and kaleidoscopic wizardry covering several decades. From 60s cult heroes Iron Butterfly‘s psych power to British dance experts Leftfield‘s hallucinogenic vision and many woozy influences in between. Bewitching music without sonic frontiers, rhapsodic music with an appetite for continuous discovery, upraising music to absorb on record and on stage. Valenti ‘s sparkling guitar play and distorted voice are upfront, but he surrounds himself cleverly with inspired musicians in order to translate his amplified reveries to the utmost and the result was just flabbergasting. A riveting journey from start to finish. Magnifico!…

Here’s OUR MOTHER WAS A PLANT in full…

LP available via Fuzz Club Records / iTunes / Bandcamp

Let’s work together

Tambourine man

Hitting it big time

Trancey keys

Coded setlist

JUJU: Facebook – Twitter

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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