PICK OF THE DAY – Dutch Power Rockers ALTOBELLI In A Soundgarden Of Their Own With ‘TREES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 February 2018

Base: Hulst, The Netherlands
Who: 5-piece unit travelling back in time to fuse heavy rockin’ genres such as
Britpop, noise-rock, grunge, nu-metal, and post-rock…
Track: TREES
Score: this track was written before Soundgarden‘s frontman Chris Cornell took his own life last year in May, but as I heard it for the first time after that fateful event I experience(d) this towering emo eruption as a tribute to that great, unfortunate artist. Although there’s some Metallica bombast in there I still think of Cornell‘s sonic power and impactful vox. That’s the beauty of music. It can generate countless, different associations depending on what one is feeling/thinking/observing at one specific moment in time. ‘Trees‘ does the job perfectly. A strong LOUD/Quiet/LOUD score and so is the accompanying clip. Roll it here…

ALTOBELLI: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

TREES is the opening track of new, versatile LP THE NEEDLE – all info here.

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  1. Cosy Invasion · February 20, 2018

    Hi, nice review. Here’s some more fuel to load your sonic batteries: https://soundcloud.com/user-856192190/drawing-a-line.

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