PICK OF THE DAY – London’s Rowdy 4-Piece STAGS Drops New ‘THIS LOVE’ Single…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 February 2018

Base: London, UK
Who: “This hefty 4-piece is making waves in the London circuit since 2012 and gained a solid reputation all over the UK with their unique brand of blues rock and incredible stage presence. They have performed alongside artists such as Therapy?, who handpicked them to support their UK tour in 2014.”
Pick: THIS LOVE – single from upcoming debut album
Score: Here’s a blazing combination of Black Crowes blues dynamism and early Led Zep ferociousness with towering guitars, a hammering rhythm section and heated vocals all over it. A fierce mid-tempo rock crackerjack with a healthy dose of passionate bombast and shots of pulverizing excitement. Test your speakers and your lungs’ intensity. Go…

STAGS: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – More on Bandcamp

Blues rock engine(Photo: Rob Blackham)

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