EVAN DANDO Released His Emotive Solo Beauty ‘BABY I’M BORED’ 15 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

22 February 2018


ALBUM: BABY I’M BORED – his solo debut Lp (with Dando’s ex-wife
Elizabeth Moseson the album’s cover)

RELEASED: 25 February 2003 – 15 years ago…

BBC Music wrote: “It’s hard to write any review of Evan Dando’s debut album without using phrases like ‘return from the wilderness’ or ‘long-awaited comeback’. However recent interviews with Dando reveal a man hardly contrite about his lost weekend that lasted 5 years! It has to be argued that being lazily labelled as grunge’s poster boy and hanging around with Courtney Love would send any man over the edge. Yet let’s not forget that Dando is the king of the dissolute lyric, and there’s definitely something awry if this album doesn’t make you feel like curling up with a bottle of Tequila. Don’t worry it does. The lo-fi production by Bryce Goggin and Jon Brion (who contributes several co-writing credits) focuses firmly on Dando’s voice. It’s lost none of its ability to deliver memorable hooks with the kind of insouciant charm that thankfully hasn’t been diminished by his legendary self-abuse. For all its low-key charms, this is a positive reaffirmation of the talent we all knew Dando had in him. Let’s just hope that he’s now on to more productive ground. Give us more Evan, now!”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: a poignant album for the midnight hours, a sonic companion for lonely moments, a string of unpolished, honest songs for melancholic reflections. Half-light reveriers and semi-darkness musings…

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Hard Drive / It Looks Like You / All My Life

* HARD DRIVEthis is what quality songwriting is all about…

* IT LOOKS LIKE YOUsweet, catchy humdinger…

* ALL MY LIFEjust b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l

Here’s the deluxe edition of BABY I’M BORED
released in June, last year…

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