TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Jiving JUKEBOX – Here’s The Incomparable… PERE UBU

The Jukebox Series: only the greats can fill a Wurlitzer with a string of memorable moments…

Cleveland‘s sonic underground misfits PERE UBU, led by eccentric singer/songwriter and performer DAVID THOMAS were and still are one of a kind phenomenon in alternative music’s history. The band rose out of the ashes of Rocket from the Tombs in 1975, and
more than four decades late with (after/with different line-ups) this outlandish unit still fascinates with its headstrong, engrossing sound. Its deranged, life-like stories and, of course, Thomas‘ distinct vox. Although not all Pere Ubu albums are streaming on Spotify
I still managed easily to fill the Wurlitzer with 15 crackerjack songs. Here are TURN UP
‘s picks…

PERE UBU: Website – Albums Discography – Facebook – Twitter

PERE UBU on tour next Europe in May/June – all dates right here

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