PICK OF THE DAY – Toronto Artist ‘NYSSA’ Scores Big Time With Electro Glam Slam ‘COWBOY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 February 2018

Artist: NYSSA
Home: Toronto, Canada
Who: “Nyssa is the producer and performer of her own sequin-encrusted beats, powerhouse vocals, and picaresque persona. Raised on the glitz and glam of yesteryear, Nyssa flips the
script on masculinity in rock and roll, blitzing the boys’ club to pave the way for all of the bad girls. She uses her lyrical prowess to explore themes of modern-day feminine malaise, sexuality,
and androgyny.”

Pick: COWBOY – new single
Score: Move over macho cowboys of this sexist world, Nyssa will kick your ass big time while her new electro slam comes out loud out on the speakers. ‘Cowboy‘ is a mighty
synths ripper, a daily Saturday Night Fever vibration, a swirling mid-tempo banger fueled by Nyssa‘s ravishing voice. This lady will activate countless hips, feet and heads on the dance floor. A Dolly Parton queen for disco’s all around the world. Get up and go gaga, right here, to the Ron Hollywood produced clip…

NYSSA: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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