Forty Years Ago Today Legend PATTI SMITH Released Her Bestseller Album ‘EASTER’…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

3 March 2018



RELEASED: 3 March 1978

ROLLING STONE wrote: ” She is one of the great figures of Seventies rock & roll. More importantly, perhaps, it focuses her mystical and musical visions in a way that makes her the most profoundly religious American popular performer since Jim Morrison. The magic of ‘Easter’ is undeniable. It is transcendent and fulfilled, and its radiance must be honored. No one else could have made this record — something that can’t be said of most LPs — and for a special reason: no one else in rock & roll would have the nerve to connect Lou Reed, the Bible, Rim-baud, the Paiutes, Jim Morrison, Bruce Springsteen and the MC5.I don’t suppose Patti Smith
can walk on water. But I’d like to see her try.

TURN UP THE VOLUME!: As intense, powerful, outspoken, poetic
and amazing as her fabulous ‘Horses‘ debut…

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Rock N Roll Nigger / Till Victory / Because The Night

* ROCK N ROLL NIGGERawesome classic, smashing live version

*BECAUSE THE NIGHT probably her most famous song – with thanks to The Boss…

*TILL VICTORY best female voice in rock history…

Easter in full

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