Irish Garage Guerrillas ‘FONTAINES D.C.’ Strike With Sneering Steamroller Single ‘CHEQUELESS RECKLESS’…

2 March 2018

Home: Dublin, Ireland
Who: “Post-punk band out of Dublin, Ireland combining sharp songwriting and catchy retro vibes. They were compared to The Fall and Idles, and shared bills with Girl Band and Yak.”
Pick: CHEQUELESS RECKLESS – Their record label Rough Trade says: “Chequeless Reckless
is one half of a double A-Side single and is a mesmerizing cut that’s built on a krautrock rock-esque groove but played by punks.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Wham Bloody Bam! Here’s something really special. ‘Chequeless Reckless‘ is a rattling whirlwind drone doing your head in from the very start to the sudden finish. Post krautpunk paranoia at its thundery best, activated by manic drums and resounding guitars while singer Grian Chatten spits and sneers all the way, word by word. This dazzling firecracker roars like a runaway train at a threatening speed. A red-hot bolide that crashes just after the two-minute mark. Intoxicating score! Can’t wait to see these guys next May in Brussels with noisemakers Idles and Canadian powerhouse Metz.
Check your speakers’ volume limit and get your ears and mind ready, ’cause here’s the vicious blare…

7″ Single ‘Chequeless Reckless / Boys In The Better Land‘ available via Rough Trade here.

More Fontaines Madness here on Soundcloud  / Social Links: Facebook- Twitter

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