Seductive Blues Twosome MR. AIRPLANE With Irresistible Foreplay Track ‘I’M IN LOVE’…

5 March 2018

MR. AIRPLANE MAN are Margaret Garrett (guitar & vocals) and Tara McManus (drums, organ and vocals) from Boston, Massachusetts. They started back in the 90s producing a sultry sound mix of hypnotic blues, haunting slide guitar, and idiosyncratic rock and roll with dreamy, yearning pop immortalized on three albums and an EP. After taking a break to have babies, live in the desert, and generally, shake up their lives, the exciting tandem returned with The Lost Tapes album in December 2014. And now they’re ready for much more. Brand new album JACARANDA BLUE will be released on 16th March…

But first the LP’s opening track to transfer us all in the right mood for the upcoming
full-length record. I’M IN LOVE is an hypnotizing groove from the very tempting start
to the puzzling voodoo finale. A hi-hat/drum beat and reverberating guitar riff control
the feverish pace of this extended sonic foreplay experience. Now and then Margaret Garrett‘s sensual and teasing vocals seem to be ready for the ecstatic moment, but
after a mini-explosion, it’s back to that irresistibly enticing rockabilly rhythm, back
to the seductive ritual until the mysterious tribal finish. WOW! Join the enthralling
ride and lose yourself in this dazzling vibe.

Here we go…

MR. AIRPLANE MAN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New LP JACARANDA BLUE – out 16 March – all info and order facilities right here.

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