Garage Grunge Demons PINK ROOM Thundered Robustly At Luminous Dash Festival…

PINK ROOM – Luminous Dash Festival at Kinky Star, Ghent (Belgium) – 3 March 2018

Luminous Dash is a highly popular Belgian website with a massive heart for Belgian musicians. The passionate people (all volunteers) behind the site have Belgian music
in their sonic DNA, and they do not restrict themselves to inform everybody daily
about what is going on in our little country by writing until their fingers turn blue.
Oh no, last year these dashing music junkies started a monthly showcase festival, organized in various small clubs, for flamboyant bands with a Belgian passport.

Yesterday Luminous Dash already staged their fourth edition and it was noise trinity
that made my day last night in a packed Kinky Star in my hometown
Ghent. A furious 3-headed garage grunge monster, led by demonic loudmouth Bart Cocquyt. A magnetizing primal screamer who makes me think of Kurt Cobain on a high dose of amphetamines instead of brain-damaging heroin. At one point I really thought
his heated head would explode as the forcible energy this frontman/bassist developed was truly smashing. Assisted by battering drummer Jonas Calu and devilish guitarist
Glenn Janssens (the one who forgot to wear his Hawaii shirt), Cocquyt turns this diabolic
trio into a trashing MC5 powerhouse. Hell yeah, kicking out the jams was what Pink Room did ferociously. Merciless riffs, clamorous tantrums and tons of decibels is what this punk combo produced non-stop. And as these crazed guys just released their first EP I’m sure we’ll hear more from these colorful gang in the near future…

Move your furniture, clear the room, open windows and doors – so your neighbors can enjoy too – and listen here to Pink Room‘s red-hot, 4-track debut, titled RELATIONSHIT
and find out why I’m in a euphoric state…

Demons at work

Hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Nasty white riff machine

Pink powerhouse

Shirt of the night!

PINK ROOM: Facebook

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up the Volume!)

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