The Jukebox Series: only the greats can fill a Wurlitzer with memorable moments…

THROWING MUSES were formed in 1981 in Newport, Rhode Island by two tremendously singer-songwriters, Kristin Hersh and half-sister Tanya Donelly (who left in 1993 to
join The Breeders for a while, before starting her own shining band Belly). A high-quality songwriting band throughout its long (with a couple of breaks, Hersh‘s solo albums and line-up changes) succesful career. Overall the Muses approach to pop music was always emotionally electrifying, weirdly catchy, artistically challenging and of course Hersh‘ voice was/is one of a wondrous kind and her harmonies with Donelly‘s angelic vox generated several standout sparks. Chosing the usual 15 songs to fill the Wurlitzer wasn’t easy at all.

After multiple changes/additions/deletes forth & back,
here are TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s 15 picks…

Songs selected from the following albums: House Tornado (1988) / Hunkpapa (1989) / The Real Ramona (1991) / Red Heaven (1991) / University (1995) / Limbo (1996) / Throwing Muses (2003 / Purgatory-Paradise (2013)

Back then

THROWING MUSES: Biography – Discography

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