Vagina Punk Witches ‘DREAM NAILS’ Turn Up The Heat With Riotous Double-A Single…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

7 March 2018

DREAM NAILS are four punk witches living in England‘s capital. This female clique already drew Turn Up The Volume‘s attention with last year’s smiting debut EP Dare To Care and the forthright ladies are back now with two knockout drones. The new double A single features two rambunctious slam dunks. VAGINA POLICE will hit all sexist male pigs straight in their ugly faces and FASCISM IS COMING (GET OUT OF BED) is a wake-up
call for all dreamers who think that reality is just a bad movie you can ignore anytime.

After extreme right-wing populists won the Italian parliamentary elections last Sunday
we got, unfortunately, another confirmation (Trump, Putin, Erdogan, May, Putin, Austria’s collation, ISIS, etc…) that fascism is definitely back. Time go get up, stand up and fight for
all human rights that are threatened as sexism, racism, authoritarianism, and egoism roar their ugly heads again thanks to a dangerous amount of new dictatorial leaders chosen by people who seems to have no clue about the destroying consequences. And if you want a rowdy soundtrack to go along with your protest than DREAM NAILS is your ideal band.

Wham bloody damn bam! Here we go…

DREAM NAILS: Facebook – Twitter

7″ Vinyl and digital download + Free zine available right here.

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