Here Are Canadian Pop Nightingales FRANKIIE With Gloomy Single ‘GLORY ME’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 March 2018


HOME: Vancouver, Canada

WHO: An all-female quartet “formed in December 2013 for a one-off gig where they had only met a few weeks before. The chemistry between them was undeniable and over the last several years the four members have become amazing friends and adventure seekers, taking their music from Haida Gwaii near Alaska to the southern tip of the Baja in Mexico. After their 2015 debut EP FRANKIIE will be releasing their debut full-length album this year, produced by Jason Corbett of ‘Actors’ and Jacknife Sound…”
PICK: GLORY ME – the brand new single – a song that contemplates death, one’s self
and the mysterious beauty of life.”

SCORE: This all-female quartet’s new single transferred my imagination immediately
to the sixties, to glorious girls band such as the Phil Spector produced The Ronettes &
The Crystals and to the outspoken soul divas The Shirelles. Heartfelt harmonies, mixed emotions nostalgia, all graciously arranged and idyllically orchestrated. Glory Me is that kind of affecting song made to be played on a Wurlitzer jukebox, somewhere in an obscure small city bar, where lonely ones and isolated ones sit for hours and wonder about what went wrong in their lives. Here’s the gloomy pearl and its late-night video clip…

FRANKIIE: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

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