MADONNATRON’s Voodoo Priestesses Return With Brand New Burning Groove… ‘MERMAIDS’

13 March 2018

After releasing their remarkable self-titled debut LP last year, London’s MADONNATRON returns with brand new, steamy single MERMAIDS. A scalding, mid-tempo groove that grows nastier with every second and turning into a trance-like fervency in the end. This is
a bang-up knockout. A red-hot torch that burns slowly but surely. The voodoo priestesses
of 21st Century’s post-punk-rock are back! With a Big Bang! With a Searing Smack! With a cracker about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! Feel the heat right here, right now…

MADONNATRON: Debut LP here on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

MERMAIDS along with B-side ‘Ich Liebe Dich’ out 11 May. Pre-order facilities right here

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