Starry-Eyed Electro Disciples ‘RUMOURS’ Shine Gloriously In World Famous Cathedral In Ghent Belgium…

RUMOURS – St. Jacob’s Church, Ghent, Belgium – 14 March 2018

RUMOURS is an up and coming 2-girls/2-boys electro force out of Belgium taking a giant step on their sonic journey with their first full length record. They describe their music as “pitch dark Shaman-hop and obscure cold with a frisking rustle, veiled by an oppressively dark sample-web.” If you never heard of them capture their gloomy fever right here…

It was last week that their highly atmospheric debut album, titled rightly MEGAMIX, saw the light of day. A magnificent and magnetizing work of transcendent soundscapes. And last night the quartet staged their LP release show in one of Ghent‘s massive churches…

And on the 7th day God created St. Jacob’s Church for RUMOURS’ album release show

A most fitting choice for their monumental sound, ranging from grand symphonies to mighty bass-loaded-synths drones. From twilight vibrations to battering reverberations. From heaven to hell and back, with frontgirl Hannah‘s angelic and lively voice as the band’s most impressive instrument. What an elevating and soul-catching vox! Hallelujah! I guess you already know by now that this wasn’t a regular concert. Not at all, it was a spiritual happening, in sound as well as in vision. What about the quality of the sound in such a gigantic space I hear you ask? Perfect, just perfect. The sound-mixer(s) did a supernatural job in this grand, holy building. Add the dazzling display of a tremendously matching light spectacle and what the audience experienced was a unique event that satisfied all of their senses. A mystical trip in many ways. God bless Rumours!…

Angelic sensation

We saw the light…

Here’s MEGAMIX in full…

RUMOURS: Facebook

Available on iTunes

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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