WEEKEND BEAT – Capture The Trippy Electro Magic Of RUMOURS’ Debut LP ‘MEGAMIX’…

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


17 March 2018

(photo FB Rumours)

RUMOURS is an up and coming 2-girls/2-boys electro force out of Belgium taking a giant step on their sonic journey with their first full length record. They describe their music as “pitch dark Shaman-hop and obscure cold with a frisking rustle, veiled by an oppressively dark sample-web.

Last week their highly atmospheric, soulful and dancey debut longplayer MEGAMIX, saw the light of day. A truly magnificent and magnetizing work of transcendent soundscapes.
A monumental sound, ranging from grand symphonies to mighty bass-loaded-synths drones. From twilight vibrations to battering reverberations. From heaven to hell and back, with frontgirl Hannah‘s divine and ardent voice as the band’s most impressive instrument. Here’s the dark splendor, the trippy magic and electronic majesty…

RUMOURS: Facebook
TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s live review of the LP release happening right here

Also available on iTunes

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