PICK OF THE DAY – Here Are THE TOWN HEROES With Mixed Emotions On New Single ‘ONLY ONE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 March 2018

Previously a power duo, Canadian rockers THE TOWN HEROES are a quartet now, with new single ONLY ONE as the first group’s effort. Co-founder Mike Ryan is excited about the musical recruits and the new track: “We wanted to give ourselves the opportunity to create without limitations in the studio or live – It opens up an entirely different world for us. We can take a song in any direction and let it become what it’s supposed to. ‘Only One’ is a song about finding something you need in your life and not letting go of it. Sometimes it takes a while to recognize the things that make us better people, but when we do see them, we have to make sure to latch on.”

ONLY ONE feels like a mixed emotions experience and moves like a sensitive rollercoaster, up and down, with notable guitar sequences swinging from reflective to jubilant and back. You get the same emo metamorphosis with the remarkable vocals. Overall this new cut excels in its adventurous structure and enthralling arrangements. Absorbing score. Here’s the accompanying no-nonsense clip…

THE TOWN HEROES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Single ONLY ONE available on iTunes / The band’s new, fourth LP, titled, ‘EVERYTHING (will be fine when we get to where we think we’re going)’ will be out next summer…

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