PREOCCUPATIONS – Here’s Eye-Catching Video Clip For Darksome ‘DISARRAY’ Track From Upcoming Album…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

20 March 2018

Canadian post-prog-punk-rock-apocalypse-metallic-noise quartet PREOCCUPATIONS will release third album NEW MATERIAL this Friday. And today they just launched the new clip for darksome track DISARRAY. Singer/bassist and songwriter Matt Flegel said in a press statement about the song: “When I was writing ‘Disarray’, it started off with an image of a mother combing her daughters hair that came into my mind, I liked the metaphor of splitting the braids and combing through the tangles, and wrote the rest of the lyrics around that image. This song sat untouched for close to 6 months as a recording with just bass and drums before we came back to it and wrote and recorded the guitar line while out of our minds one night in the early AM.”

Here’s the eye-catching and mind-boggling clip…

PREOCCUPATIONS: Facebook – Twitter

NEW MATERIAL – album out 23 March – all info / pre-order facilities right here.

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