Happy 50 To ‘BLUR’ & ‘GORILLAZ’ Frontman And 24/7 Musical Centipede… DAMAN ALBARN.

23 March 2018

Happy 50 to DAMON ALBARN. Born in London on 23 March 1968 this musical centipede is most famous as the frontman of Britpop legends BLUR and singer/songwriter of virtual band GORILLAZ . But as a 24/7 musician he did far more than being a legendary pop star. He collaborated with countless artists, from African roots artists to sixties icon Marianne Faithfull, from writing musicals to forming a band with The Clash bassist Paul Simonon.
Here are 3 crackers Turn Up The Volume! picked to celebrate the man’s 50th birthday…



MR. TEMBO by DAMON ALBARN (solo – 2014)

BLUR Facebook – Discography
GORILLAZ: Facebook – Discography

Dam(o)n right..

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