LARA SMILES – This Tempestuous One-Woman-Army’s Dynamics Are No ‘COINCIDENCE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 March 2018


Home: London, UK

Who: London-based Lara Smiles “is not only a badass on the guitar but she’s also a crafty singer-songwriter with a powerful voice who fuses an avant-garde mix of electro-rock. Pulling musical influences across multiple genres, Lara creates an ear-catching sound that is guitar-driven, synth inspired and brimming with colorful layers of alt-pop.

Track: COINCIDENCE – brand new single…
Smiles says in a statement that the song “is about those moments in life that leave you wondering if there is such thing as fate. Many of the songs I write are ambiguous and philosophical, like ‘Coincidence’. On the one hand it’s about a moment and how it came together perfectly but on the other hand I’m questioning, ‘Is this a coincidence?’ Or is
it purely our actions alone that lead us to the circumstances we often find ourselves in?”

Score: This one-woman-army’s new single is a turbulent rollercoaster going fast/slow, loud/quiet, ardent/reflective and is powered by firework guitars, merciless drumming
and Lara‘s forceful voice. Here’s an artist who wonders about life’s mysterious moments, but her dynamic and adventurous songwriting is no coincidence. Her heart, her soul, and her passion are in there. Listen here and discover her striking drive…

LARA SMILES: Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

COINCIDENCE out now – available on iTunes


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