London’s Outspoken Punk Bolide SISTERAY Attacks 24/7 Commercials In ‘ALGORITHM PRISON’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

9 April 2018

London‘s fierce and in your face post-punk squad SISTERAY returns with new, smashing single ‘ALGORITHM PRISON’. A song “about the darker side of social media. We’re fed up of having random posts and adverts rammed down our throats day in and day out and we want to know if you’re happy being a target market because we’re not!” clarifies the band.

Algorithm Prison‘ is a loud and crystal clear attack on the 24/7 commercials machine that crushes social media non-stop. Unwanted and unasked industry bollocks. As you all know, Big ‘give me all your money’ Brother is mercilessly omnipresent, like a vicious virus. He needs no sleep, he needs your cash. Sisteray refuses, rightly so, to be part of that capitalist circus and they emphasize their rage against it with this smoking cannonball. A ferocious wall-of-furious-guitar explosion that shakes and roars from the electrified intro to the flaming end. Scream and shout here, along the track’s lyric video, at the top of your lungs…

SISTERAY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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