Brooklyn’s VEDA RAYS Share Mysterious Serpentine Video Clip For Haunting Track ‘THE UPSIDEDOWN TREE’…

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16 April 2018

Sonically VEDA RAYS is a band you’ll find at the crossroad where post-punk, darkwave, synth-pop, shoegaze and 80s new romanticism meet. The Brooklyn based collective just shared an enigmatic video clip for THE UPSIDEDOWN TREE. A track from their 2017 EP.

Frontman and clip director Jim Stark says: “The concepts which inform the song and video
are somewhat abstract but relate to the idea of inverting the accepted symbol sets in order to ‘divine’ the ‘truth’ i.e. see a clearer vision of reality, which is seldom black or white. In simpler terms, it’s about trying to peer through the heavy veil that is the seemingly hopeless madness
of the times we are living in.”

The Upsidedown Tree‘ is a spine-tingling and haunting sonic whirlwind energized with scintillating guitar waves, pushing drums and flashy synths with Stark‘s stirring vox all
over it. The song’s swirling pace will stimulate your adrenalin’s stream from the very start. Here’s the mysterious, serpentine clip…

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