THE MU-TONES – Manchester Trio Hits Bullseye With Flamboyant Debut Single ‘SLAB CITY RECORDS’…

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19 April 2018


Who: “A noisy garage pop trio from Manchester forged of three talents and a desire for direct communication, led by former Marion guitarist/songwriter Anthony Grantham and joined by Alex Redhead (bass) formerly of Amplifier and Peter Gray (drums) who used to play with Letters to Fiesta. The Mu-Tones manifesto is direct and to the point: short sharp songs crammed full of loud, angry, weird magic.”

Pick: SLAB CITY RECORDS – debut single

Score: pushed by a feverish, ongoing bass riff this red-hot crackerjack gets nastier with every second. After a couple of foreplay explosions and driven by raging vocals this garage ripper finally crashes big time. Flaming debut score! Get the razor-sharp vibe right here…

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SLAB CITY RECORDS will be officially out 30 June via Ugly Man Records

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