IT IT ANITA – Belgian Noiseniks On Their Way To New Sonic Adventures…

IT IT ANITA – Les Nuits Botanique Festival – 6 May 2018

Dedicated followers of this blog know that Turn Up The Volume‘s ears and eyes get tremendously excited when IT IT ANITA, flamboyant noise junks out of Liege, Belgium
hit the stage. Which they did yesterday on the closing night of Les Nuits Botanique Festival in Brussels. Sandwiched between metallic noise duo The Body and Danish
post-punk hype Iceage (what a disappointment) the band stuffed their 40-minute
set, except for a couple of golden hammer oldies, with new songs. First impression regarding the fresh stuff: surprising, adventurous, intriguing, trippy and compelling.
It’s quite clear that this impressive quartet doesn’t want to repeat itself all over again.
It’s not that IIAA became an arty farty avant-garde jazz combo overnight, luckily not,
but this kick-ass 4-piece definitely wants to explore new sonic areas. We will obviously
need more listens of the new material to really see/hear the whole picture, but this
gig was certainly a loud and clear signal that a fascinating fresh longplayer is waiting
in the pipeline to be released in September. Until then let’s all go berserk to brand
new, clamorous single Another Canceled Mission

Picture this.
Brussels yesterday…

Smashing energy…

On a mission

Tons of electricity

Meet and greet with the fans

Turning up the volume

IT IT ANITA: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(pics by Turn Up The volume)

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