GARBAGE Released Their Glowing Sophomore Album ‘VERSION 2.0’ Twenty Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

9 May 2018



RELEASED: 11 May 1998 – 20 years ago


Rolling Stone: “The songwriting has improved, but Manson remains the highlight,
her seductive, emotive singing evoking new wave greats and appropriating the band’s
complex sounds into a well-crafted, original rock album”

Spin: “The songs are better developed than on the band’s debut, while showcasing
their passionate, avant-garde sounds and Manson’s personalized yet relatable lyric…”

The Village Voice: “The metallic, discordant music suits Manson’s aggressive
sexuality and allows listeners to experience sadomasochism vicariously through.”

The Age: “Personality loaded” sonic spectacle… the album
salutes the new millennium with futuristic nuance…”

Time:The music is exceptional because of the songs that are
gloomy and sexual yet lively and introspective.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: “A turbulent work of mixed emotions and amplified
pop exorcism. Both gloomy and bright, heavy-hearted and elevating, flamboyant
and magnetic with Shirley Manson as the charismatic, outspoken and hypnotizing
femme fatale in the middle of it all.”

THREE TOP TRACKS: I Think I’m Paranoid / Push It / Dumb

* I THINK I’M PARANOIDtimeless insanity


This is the noise that keeps me awake / My head explodes and my body aches

* DUMB flaming live version

In full…

GARBAGE Website – Facebook – Twitter – Discography – Tour Dates


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