MAYFLOWER MADAME – Psych-Noir Foursome Drops Ominous Title Track Of New ‘PREMONITION’ EP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 May 2018


Who: The band “formed in Oslo in 2011. They started rehearsing in a desolate industrial building they shared with a car wash company. Amidst the gritty surroundings, their hazy, smoke-laden sound seemed to be conceived naturally and the band soon recorded a four-
track demo. Debut album ‘Observed in a Dream‘ finally arrived in 2016. The album proved
to be well worth the wait and its dazzling display of darkly inflected post-punk swathed in shimmering psychedelia earned them rave reviews. Since then, the band has toured both
in the U.K./Europe and North America.”


Score: If ‘Premonition‘ is the sound of Judgement Day than I’ll welcome the world’s
end with open ears and a big grin on my face. Its sonic gloominess is just perfect
for humankind to go down with an electrifying big bang. As this troubled planet will
destroy itself sooner or later I recommend these four Norwegian horsemen of the Apocalypse to be our Armageddon Orchestra. Capture the ominous beauty of their
hellish anthem and its devastating images right here…

MAYFLOWER MADAME: Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp

‘PREMONITION’ EP out 18 May – all info right here .

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