PICK OF THE DAY – Crazed Grunge Punk Three-Piece GLOO Needs A ‘HOLIDAY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 May 2018

Sussex eccentrics GLOO will release debut album ‘A Pathetic Youth‘ in July. Ahead of it here’s a hilarious clip for single HOLIDAY. A straight in the face grunge punk smack. A scorching bolide, a raucous thwack, an arousing explosion. They scream for a holiday,
but I think they need to get out of their straitjackets first. 1-2-3-4. Hell yeah…

Drummer Mark Harfield about the video: “Sticking true to our guns in true Littlehampton style, we wanted the video to be cheesy and home video-esque. It was shot around where all three of us live and took about three hours. Sonny, our friend, was kind enough to follow us around with my iPhone for the day and record us doing stupid sh*t – he even had to pedalo on his own to film us on our boat! We wanted it to look grey and dingy, and just to our luck it did!”

GLOO: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

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