RAVAGERS – Baltimore’s Kick-Ass Motherrockers Are ‘DROWNING IN BLOOD’ …

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

18 May 2018

Baltimore’s dirty motherrockers RAVAGERS, featuring Hagen (RMBLR) on guitar/vox and Gabs (Biters) on guitar, are back with a kick-ass ripper! With DROWNING IN BLOOD these red-hot misfits sound like a smashing supergroup with members of Aerosmith, Queens Of The Stone Age and Guns N’ Roses having the best fucking time of their lives. What you get is filthy riffage, spitting vocals and a highly explosive scream-along chorus. All executed at the dazzling speed of a supersonic Formula-1 racing car. R-O-C-K & B-L-O-O-D-Y R-O-L-L! Open windows and doors and wake up your neighborhood for some amazeballs firework. Here we go…

RAVAGERS: Facebook – Bandcamp

DROWNING IN BLOOD’ – out 1 June on 7″ vinyl via Spaghetty Town Records

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