London’s Garage Grrrl Generator THE FRANKLYS Floored Belgium With Blistering Punches…

THE FRANKLYS – Kinky Star – Ghent, Belgium – 19 May 2018

Turn Up The Volume follows – completely legally – this 4-headed all female turbine for some time now, for all the reasons you should follow this steaming squad too. THE FRANKLYS know the art of producing raging garage grrrl hullabaloo perfectly. They know pretty damn well how to rock, how to roll, how to hit, how to roar, how to get your unsuspected mind and lazy limbs going totally berserk. These four electrical amazons come at you with tons of steamy horsepower. They hit you mercilessly, non-stop, without brakes, as you can hear on their 2017 debut longplayer ARE YOU LISTENING? A smoking powerhouse from the exploding start to the smacking finale. Have a heat check for yourself right here with one of the album’s powerful uppercuts…

Yesterday the London based engine came to play Belgium for the first time. The 40-minute set felt like a blitzkrieg eruption of nasty riffs, booming beats and clamorous punk flare-ups. A series of blistering punches landing just between your eyes and ears. Committed emotions wrapped in cast-iron bangers. All performed with confident conviction, in-your-face persuasiveness and streams of feel-good sweat. I will remember this Saturday night as the soul-saving medicine against another pointless, massive media event surrounding another sick look-how-ridiculous-rich-we-are prince/princess wedding day. God Save The Franklys! Come back soon, ladies…

Do it here in full…

Album available on iTunes

Some photographic impressions

A real princess

Hair intensity

Shake your booty

“Oh no, they want another encore”

In dreams

THE FRANKLYS: Website – Facebook –Twitter

(pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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