PICK OF THE DAY – Massive Stoner Rockers DESERT CLOUDS About Getting Crushed ‘UNDER TONS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 May 2018

Band: DESERT CLOUDS (London, UK)

Who: “An alternative psychedelic stoner rock band that aims to the pure artistic expression, when both composing and performing. Their sound turns from warm and atmospheric into distorted and aggressive, sometimes enriched with acid dissonances and psychedelic arrangements.”

Track: UNDER TONS – a song about the struggle for life, about “a nonsense
journey unless you realise where you are really heading to…”

Score: this is a monumentally orchestrated opus by a striking noise force producing heavy-hearted rumpus balancing between Metallica‘s Black Album stamina and the darkest side of Soundgarden‘s robust swagger. Gigantic, overpowering and intimidating. Grandly melodic with a huge, anthemic impact. A pitch-black outburst, yet ‘Under Tons‘ feels like their’s an illuminating spark of hope at the end of the horizon. Get impressed right here…

DESERT CLOUDS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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