Gaze Pop Duo TANGIENTS With Life-Affirming Debut Single ‘WHITE FOAM’…

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23 May 2018

Band: TANGIENTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Who: “A post-punk, ambient ‘gaze-pop’ duo based in Los Angeles. Chelsea Ray’s intense, yet dream-like vocals can pierce as well as float over Be Hussey’s thick wall of sonics, resulting in
a noisy, aggressive, yet ethereal sound.”

Debut single inspired by singer Chelsea Ray‘s near-death experience. She explains: “In
2012, I underwent something traumatic that forever changed me. My heart stopped and
I was shocked back to life. The sparse, yet intense memories I have from this moment gave
me a completely different perspective. After ‘coming back,’ I felt that I was only a fragment
of the person I was before. Here I am a few years later, writing lyrics about it, and I feel lucky just to be here.”

Score: What a debut. ‘White Foam‘ rushes both nervously and excitingly, pushed by
jittery electronics, twitchy percussion and flashy guitar lines while singer Chelsea Ray’s wailing vox floats mysteriously over the magnetic orchestration. Her mystifying voice
has that haunting Bjôrk timbre which reinforces the supernatural tone of this profound song. Pretty special and compelling. Capture the spooky journey, strikingly translated to
an eye-catching video, right here…

TANGIENTS: Website – Facebook – Instagram

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