Stream 5 Brand New MUST-HEAR Albums Right Here…

Brand new longplayers that will impress your ears and your speakers

San Francisco‘s psych junks’ first LP in 5 years! A transcendent mind-massage! Ace score…

Stream here

2/ ‘Love Is Dead’ by CHRVCHES
British top electro pop trio’s 3rd LP. Puzzling record with sticky mixed emotions dynamics…

Stream here

3/ ‘Gentle Reader’ by PEACH KELLI POP
Amplified pop firecrackers from all-female jingle jangle engine out of L.A. – their 4th LP…

Stream here

4/ ‘Deeper’ by DEEPER
This indie Chicago quartet’s guitar electricity brings legends Television to mind. That good!

Stream here…

5/ ‘Oi! Rapscallion!’ by BENJAMIN MASON
Wayward Welsh singer-songwriter intrigues and fascinates with new adventurous album…

Stream here


See/hear you next week, music junkies

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