Future British Mega Star YUNGBLUD Caused A Major Earthquake In Amsterdam…

LONDON CALLING FESTIVAL – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 25 May 2018

Fervid Yorkshireman YUNBLUD, a spectacular 19-year-old artist, who spent most of
his childhood on Denmark Street, Soho, London is a solid gold future star. His explosive fusion of hip-hop, ska, punk-pop and vivid rap-rock slams is simply irresistible. Last
Friday this fresh phenom was on my must-see list at the stupendous two-day indoor London Calling Festival in the wonderful Paradiso venue in AMSTERDAM. I knew beforehand that his most devoted are 14-18 girls (I was totally surrounded by them
near the crowded front of the stage), but I was curious to know why this teenage hype
was the highly acclaimed artist of this festival with only one EP, just released a few
weeks ago, under his belt. And? Well, that ecstatic young gunslinger came, saw, jumped, screamed and conquered The Netherlands. On record, he sounds more like a flammable modern-day punk-pop version of Eminem, but on stage his band turned the volume up while the hypnotic man in the middle explored every corner of the podium and sounded
at times like a red-steaming hip-hop incarnation of Rage Against The Machine ‘s frontman Zack de la Rocha . With his non-stop stream of sky-high energy, boiling intensity, shout-along crackers and his charismatic, flamboyant and hyperkinetic presence Yungblud proved tremendously why he’s a gigantic star in the making. Believe the hype! Never
heard of this pumped-up youngster? Check the heat here…

Debut EP ’21st Century Liability’ in full…

Photos from his firework show in Amsterdam

‘Hello Amsterdam’


‘ i am an anarchist’

From the top

YUNGBLUD: Website – Facebook – Instagram

(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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