British Indie Gunslingers SWINE TAX Slam Hard With New Thwack ‘TORY WATER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

1 June 2018

Newcastle upon Tyne‘s rowdy indie trio SWINE TAX just shared new track TORY WATER, their rawest cut so far. “Part disjointed character study, part sardonic commentary on the local music industry, ‘Tory Water’ is unflinching in its account and unrelenting in its intensity.” says the band. Oh yes, this manic stroke hits like a hell-raising explosion driven by fierce frustration, heated anger, and biting discontent. I guess there are enough love songs out there. What we need – again – is more young, committed and opinionated bands, like this rowdy engine, coming out and question unjust issues with furious energy and razor-sharp knockouts. This scorching thwack does the job exquisitely. Open your windows and doors and share this electrical flare-up with your neighborhood. Hell yeah…

SWINE TAX: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

TORY WATER available on Bandcamp

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