One-Man Indonesian Indie Band GROW RICH Generates Brisk Electricity On New EP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 June 2018

Abdur Rahim Latada aka Oyi is a music junk out of Indonesia. A one-man band sounding
like a whole rock ‘n’ roar army. That’s how GROW RICH exactly resonates like. Creating tons of layers of electrifying, Western-influenced indie racket that booms and resounds non-stop. His new EP, titled SENEN LEMPUYANGAN is a steamy four-track thunderbolt.
A jigsaw-like punk express going real fast. If you need a sonic injection to pump up your adrenalin’s stream press the button right here, right now and make some bloody noise because as writer/theologian/activist and Baptist pastor Jeff Hood says, cited by Oyi
on the EP’s artwork…

“Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does”

GROW RICH: Facebook –  Twitter

SENEN LEMPUYANGAN available on Bandcamp

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