British Electro Project WHERE WE SLEEP Debuts With Two Ambient Reflections…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

8 June 2018

Beth Rettig, the flamboyant frontwoman of British electro force Blindness has officially started her solo project called WHERE WE SLEEP today with two shadowy tracks: VEINS and CRAWL. Both songs create an atmospheric and ambient ambiance that activates, immediately your mind’s romantic side. ‘Veins’ is a groovy, relation-related reflection sounding like Beth Rettig is fronting Garbage on one of their moodiest moments. Yes, at times her strangely warm voice has that same, heartfelt tone of Shirley Manson‘s wonderful vox. Second cut ‘Crawl’ has a slower and dreamier pace, similar to the mellow reveries on Blindess‘ last year’s The Monsoon E.P. I guess you already know what to do. Dim the lights, relax and absorb these dusky electronic waves on your headphones…

WHERE WE SLEEP: Twitter – Facebook

VEINS/CRAWL available on Bandcamp

(Beth Rettig’s photo by Nando Carniel Machado / artwork music sleeve by Dominic Lee)

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