British Noiseniks GOLD KEY Launch Spooky Video Clip For Explosive ‘MECHANICAL WORLD’ Single…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


5 July 2018

British 4-headed engine GOLD KEY just launched a spooky video clip for new bang-up single ‘MECHANICAL WORLD‘. Vocalist Laurent Barnard says about the inspiration of the video: “We depend on technology to fulfil our idea of perfection. Playing god is destined to lead to failure and we wanted to demonstrate that in our video.”

Mechanical World is a huge wall-of-damn-heavy-grunge slam. Imagine The Queens Of The Stone Age having a devilish trance-like jam with early Nirvana. Monumentally loud and terrifically strenuous. A nasty sledgehammer to go completely bananas to, a sensational roller coaster trip with an instant impact on your blood pressure. Press the button right here and lose yourself…

GOLD KEY: Facebook – Website

MECHANICAL WORLD out now – available here

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