London’s Bad-Ass Rockers THE GARAGE FLOWERS Hit Belgium With Some Heated Electricity…

THE GARAGE FLOWERS – Aap, Ghent, Belgium – 8 July 2018

They look like and resonate like a mean mix of American proto-punk legends the
New York Dolls, the British late 70s romantics The Only Ones, led by iconic frontman
Peter Perrett and Iggy Pop‘s nasty Stooges. They call THE GARAGE FLOWERS, they
are from London and they hit my hometown Ghent in Belgium yesterday with some agitated, flamboyant rawk ‘n’ roll havoc and flaming twist and shout hullabaloo. Filthy
riffs, rousing hooks and sticky licks is what this rip-roaring quartet is all about. What
we got was a dynamic and fervent mix of garage fun and amplified turbulence. Add
tons of sweat and many fresh beers to fight the thirsty heatwave conditions and you
will understand why the small club turned into a steamy sauna in the end. Their latest single CRASHING THE PARTY will give you a shaking idea of what happened last night…

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Riff party

Thirsty night

Rock ‘n’ roll romantics

(gig pics above by Turn Up The Volume!)

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