WAR WAVES Return With Moody Love Song ‘SLEEP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

10 July 2018

British self-proclaimed anxiety rockers are back with brand new single SLEEP. A moody, mixed emotions reflection that sticks instantly. The heavy-hearted, yet harmonious tone and melancholic resonance of the song reminds me of some of Billy Bragg‘s melancholic daydreams. Both pensive and magnetic. Capture the feverish sentiment right here…

Are you dressing for survival, or can you even change?
The clothes I buy don’t fit the same
I’m coming up to thirty and what remains are expanding waists and longer days
I want to bring this up slowly, I think we fit
Your disjointed head and my cushioned hip
I match scars with ambition and all that sticks is a lack of depth and a perfect hit
I’m pretty fucking sure that I can’t save you
I could make you sing, I could make you breathe, I could make you eat
We could have re-built everything again, but you just wouldn’t go to sleep
You know I wish they ran deeper, I wish they’d stay
A better way to medicate
I want the cuts to take over and pull me in
Heal me under a newer skin
I’ve heard it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think it would

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Available via Bandcamp and iTunes

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