Portland’s Distorted Noise Rockers ‘AH GOD’ Strike With New Booming Track ‘V-I-I’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 July 2018

AH GOD are a trio of noise rockers with a greedy appetite for distortion, producing “heavy art grunge and fuzzed-out psychedelia with a DIY recording ethic and heavy drum beats carried to your ears softly and sweetly on the backs of stoney guitar melodies of the utmost sensuality.” Sounds totally challenging and mind-twisting to my hungry ears.

Rowdy new track V-I-I confirms all the aforementioned promises. “A fun way of fleshing out how to become a part of the world and enjoy love, life and the whole of the human experience in the face of mental illness and existential terror.” says the band.

It’s a hefty stomper that sticks immediately. A hazy banger that infiltrates your ear-system without asking. A short but impressive reflection of the overall engrossing bravado on upcoming, third album called TIIIME.

No time to waste, test your head’s and feet’s flexibility right here…

We are all pale flowers in a grey garden
I want mine to die sometimes, it aint big enough to keep my heart in
Wet tongue sliding out of your mouth
into the other, I get it, to get off oh I get it now

You know I would not be alive
But my V-I-I keeps me in your eyes

Roman numerals up to 77
Spray painted on the walls of my one one one true heaven
Squish the spit between your fingertips
D-I-F What’s the dif anyway? No one seems all that different

You know I would not be alive
but my V-I-I keeps me in your eyes

I tried to eat up all of your sunflowers
Didn’t really like the taste of the leaves but with the idea I was pleased
Never be a peach more than a god
Let the guilt spill out let your brain brain brain go get gone

You know I would not be alive
But my V-I-I keeps me in your eyes

AH GOD: Previous albums on Bandcamp –  Twitter – Facebook

New, third album ‘TIIIME‘ out 27 July – info & pre-order facilities right here

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