SWINE TAX Scores Big Time With Glorious New Single ‘NEVER ENDING’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 July 2018

Turn Up The Volume featured Newcastle upon Tyne‘s indie rockers SWINE TAX several
times before, so we’re in pole position to judge and announce that their new single
NEVER ENDING is, without a shadow of a doubt, their very best release (so far). It’s
about “a person, defiantly trying to hold back the tides of time and is determined to cling
onto a transitory pleasure, which in reality, will nevertheless fade from their memory and eventually disappear forever
” explains the band.

Sonically ‘Never Ending‘ is nothing less than an effervescent masterstroke. A multifaceted crackerjack that will activate your bloodstream’s flow every single second of its huge impact. This is intoxicating guitar pop at its very British best. High-spirited, perfervid,
totally electrical and injected with a monumental, hair-raising chorus with an anthemic resonance. Catch the imposing impressiveness right here…

SWINE TAX: Facebook –  Twitter

Available on iTunes

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