Romanian Multimedia Artist STEFANA FRATILA Ventilates Her Anger On Ominous Beats Loaded Single ‘SWALLOWED SEEDS’…

8 August 2018

Romania born and Toronto based singer/songwriter and multimedia artist STEFANA FRATILA‘s newest single SWALLOWED SEEDS, as well as its B-side ‘Knowing‘ are songs “centered around violence, abuse and deception in intimate relationships, particularly the
lying, manipulating and deceiving of women.”
‘Swallowed Seeds’ is build around deep ominous electro beats that match Fratila‘s frustrated reflection and distinctive vox
tremendously. The accompanying clip speaks for itself…

STEFANA FRATILA: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

To complete the full sonic picture here’s B-side ‘Knowing‘ and its video. Smoother in sound than the A-side, yet equally filled with anger: “It’s like that time you said you’d kill yourself. Funny, how you only told the two of us. You made two women sick and everyone’s still caring
for you.”

The single is available via Bandcamp – and iTunes

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