Feminist Post-Hardcore Engine PETROL GIRLS Explodes On New Eruption ‘SISTER’…

Brand new sonic impulses

14 August 2018

After their vociferous 2016 debut LP Talk Of Violence English/Austrian feminist post-hardcore 4-piece PETROL SISTERS are about to release a new EP, entitled ‘The Future Is Dark‘. Ahead of its release here’s one of the tracks. SISTER is a rollercoaster blast about “the ties of sisterhood, and learning to trust again after being pitted against each other.” Partly reflective spoken-word, partly demonic yelling, this fire-spitting volcano-like eruption grabs you by the throat all along its turbulent way. A spectacular emo-discharge, a metallic punk meteorite that will cause goosebumps all over your body. Explode here…

“We always fucking grow from it/ We must not weaponise theory against each other / We must allow each other rage, and fear, and mistakes/ Sisterhood is the give as well as the take”


New EP THE FUTURE IS DARK out 14 September via Hassle Records – all info here

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