JUSTIN DEAN THOMAS Rattles And Rolls Big Time While ‘STARING AT A WALL’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 August 2018


Who: A NYC singer/songwriter. Originally from Boston, he cut his teeth playing everywhere
he could hitchhike his way across America immersing himself in folk, country, rhythm & blues and rock n roll. Lending his time to poetry and songwriting, he developed a sound all his own. Living in NYC he met fellow musician Tj Rosenthal and formed the rock outfit ‘The Bowery Riots’. Spending equal time on his solo career he’s been releasing demos and gearing up for an album…”


Score: Get your ears and your speakers ready for some big time, adrenalin-fueled rattle and roll electricity. Thomas rambles, roars, resonates and rumbles unstoppably as if his very life is on the line. ‘Staring At A Wall‘ is a quaking ripper, a king-sized stroke, a blasting score. Press the button and start a flaming fire right here, right now…

JUSTIN DEAN THOMAS: Facebook – Instagram / Label: Greenway Records

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