Brooklyn’s Fresh Collective PUBLIC PRACTICE Will Make You Move In Mysterious Ways With Brand New Debut Single ‘FATE/GLORY’…

21 August 2018

New formed quartet from Brooklyn, New York PUBLIC PRATICE features members from two other Brooklyn DIY bands, from freshly-dead punk project WALL and local pop band Beverly – just released their debut single. FATE/GLORY is a punky funky dance cracker.

Imagine the dark side of The B-52’s having a midnight jam with a black & white version
of Talking Heads. Yes, it sounds wayward yet sticky, arty yet joky and weirdly jangly but totally danceable when moving your body in mysterious ways. Trust me, you’ll hear much more from this exciting combo in the near future. Now, stretch your limbs to their debut…

FATE/GLORY will be on their debut EP entitled DISTANCE IS A MIRROR
All info and pre-order facilities available via Wharf Cat Records.

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