Dance In The Desert With Arizona’s WEEKEND LOVERS – Here’s ‘GIMME GIMME’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Band: WEEKEND LOVERS (Tucson, Arizona)

Who: Nick and 2 unique female vocals, raised on cellos, broken hearts, Kate Bush, Loretta Lynn, Patti Smith and comedy Weekend Lovers, creating dream-pop, desert doo-wop, with a dash of darkness and hope.

Track: GIMME GIMME – Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite track from the trio’s debut EP

Score: ‘Gimme Gimme‘ is the catchiest stroke on Weekend Lovers‘ debut EP. A charming earworm that feels like a refreshing shower on a bloody hot day, and they know, pretty well how that feels. A playful tune you can whistle along, croon along and hum along while you’re actually having a liberating body-massage shower. Romantic, sensual and luscious. Let yourself go right here, right now…


6-track debut EP ‘WHEN U WERE WEIRD‘ out now – available via Bandcamp

(promo press photo via WEEKEND LOVERS)

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